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Cobyco Whippets

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" Dee Dee "  Ch Cobyco Call the Tune

       Crufts Supreme Champion 2004

           Our Dog of a Lifetime ................

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Pictured with Best in Show Judge

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"Dee Dee"

Some previously unpublished images of our special girl , she triumphed from an entry of 21,600 dogs at Crufts in 2004  

Not only the ultimate showgirl loving every second of her time in the ring but also a true whippet, she loved to chase squirrels , adored her daily chicken wing and spent her nights snoozing on Lynn's bed




Our day at The Kennel Club , pictured with Lynn signing the illustrious Kennel Club Record Book, she is one of only two Whippets to achieve Supreme Champion Award at Crufts the Worlds Greatest Dog Show  

Photoshoot with both Eva and Lynn on the evening of her win.


"Dee Dee" retired from the ring after her success but returned to Crufts

in 2005 and spent the four days meeting her public


"Dee Dee" pictured as a pretty puppy

Champion Cobyco Call the Tune

10.4.2000 - 27.1.2014

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